Archimobile is a billboard, a documentation center and a work of art in of itself. Housed inside it is the work of 100 artists of 17 different nationalities, all somehow connected to the city of Madrid. Paintings, photography, installations, videos, architecture, drawing illustrations and more are incorporated. Archimobile serves as a window to current creative trends for cultural institutions, both national and international, and aims to aid the collaborating artists in their search for exposure by improving their accesibility.

Archimobile, designed by El Último Grito, has two missions: making information accessible, and maintaining integrity as a constant goal. “Archimobile has a face that it shows to the public and another that it saves for private. The front of the structure opens up, turning into a billboard that advertises itself, while inside it offers all the services required to view the archive”, explain the designers when asked about this mobile piece.


Thus Archimobile brings cultural institutions, programming coordinators, curators, cultural administrators, critics, journalists, other artists and the general public closer to the work created by its artists, implementing an approachable and attractive format. Its contents include the following: a biography of each artist, a text about the artists' work in survey format, critical studies of the works, catalogues and a video interview with each artist.


The one hundred artists included in Archimobile are selected ex profeso for each of the visits it makes, chosen from the artists and collectives belonging to the Archivo de Creadores de Madrid, with an ever-growing number of artists joining each year. The artists in the Archivo de Creadores de Madrid are selected by renowned curators, and invited to participate by Matadero Madrid, the guiding force behind both projects. These curators include: David Armengol, David Barro, Democracia, Susana Blas, Cabello/Carceller, Javier Duero, Ruth Estévez, Horacio Fernández, Javier Hontoria, Iván López Munuera, Manuela Moscoso, Tania Pardo, Alberto Sánchez Balmisa, Virginia Torrente and Roberto Vidal.


Promoted by Matadero Madrid, the artist archive known as Archivo de creadores de Madrid operates as a catalyst for relations among artists, between artists and curators and between artists and the institution. This is a fundamental piece for building an emotional community around contemporary artistic creation, and a first step in building a node of artist archives housed in Matadero Madrid that is complemented with the work of performing artists, architects and designers.