Sánchez Balmisa, Alberto

Alberto Sánchez Balmisa (Madrid, 1979) is an art critic and freelance curator. Since 2005, he has been editor-in-chief of EXIT Express and the director of EXIT Book. The author of more than 150 articles and essays in specialised magazines, catalogues and books by various authors, during the 2009-2010 season he was curator of Miguel Ángel Molina’s individual exhibition at Castello Oldofredi, Iseo (Italia) and of the collective exhibition Una fábrica, una máquina, un cuerpo… Arqueología y memoria de los espacios industriales at La Panera Centre of Art (Lleida) and the University Museum of Contemporary Art (Mexico D.F.). In 2011 he edited Disrupciones. De las posibilidades (re)activas de la inacción, the second volume of the Statements collection of publications put out by the Montehermoso Cultural Centre in Vitoria.

Selected artists