Democracia is a work team constituted in Madrid by Iván López and Pablo España. Prominent among its curatorial work is No futuro, ONG (Caracas); Madrid Abierto 2008 (Madrid); and Creador de dueños, OffLimits (Madrid). As founders and members of El Perro (1989-2006) they curated different exhibitions including Qué hago yo aquí in the Pemasa garage (Madrid), Deluxe at the Community of Madrid’s Sala de Exposiciones and Un Nuevo y Bravo Mundo at Alcalá 31 (Madrid).


Regarding their artistic work, the most notable shows in which Democracia has participated include the biennials Evento 2009 (Bordeaux), the 10th Havana Biennial (La Habana), the Taipei Biennial 2008 (Taipei, Taiwan) and the Istanbul Biennial 2007. Their work has been displayed individually in the exhibitions Ne vous laissez pas consoler, ADN Gallery (Barcelona); Todos Sois Culpables Salvo Yo, T20 Gallery (Murcia); Smash the Ghetto, Caprice Horn Gallery (Berlin) and Welfare State, Prometeogallery di Ida Pisani (Milano) among others.


They are members of the editorial board of the journal Nolens Volens, administrators of the blog together with Aitor Méndez, and of their website

Selected artists