Armengol, David

David Armengol (Barcelona, 1974) is a freelance curator. His curatorial work is centred on analysis of the status of the artist, as well as the artist’s functionality for/with society. After spending a period of time researching sound elements through the exhibition hall Cartografies, Sons Secundaris, Radiofonies, Ocupacions Sonores and Sound and me at the Santa Mònica Centre of Art (Barcelona) and Casino Lights at Sala Rekalde (Bilbao), his discourse is currently reflected in projects such as Euforia. Casos de optimismo extremo in Caixafòrum Barcelona’s Espai Montcada (2007-2008) and the series Obsesiones. Ejemplos de redundancia y persistencia cíclica, programación de exposiciones en L’Aparador (un escaparate) at the Joan Abelló Museum in Mollet del Vallès (2007-2009).


In 2009 he curated La liberación cómica at masArt Gallery and in 2010 he curated La gesta imposible  in different spaces in Madrid. In 2011 he curated La fábula mística once again for masArt Gallery and La Gran Aventura, a project with artists-in-residence at Hangar. Since 2008, he has formed part of the managing team of the Sant Andreu Contemporani programme, articulated through the Miquel Casablancas Visual Arts Award Competition.

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