Txema Maraví

Artist originally selected by Fernández, Horacio at 2010
This is a 2016 content update.

In the summer of 1987, I was walking along the road through the town where I lived in the province of Navarra, my head full of the typical problems of a seven-year-old boy. My friends, my parents and my brothers and sisters made up the world around me, and my happiness was utterly dependent upon them. I was also starting to think about death: the thought of disappearing completely absolutely terrified me. Unable to bear such thoughts, I would try in vain to stop them. This would happen quite a lot. I never found this ability to reflect on things much help at key moments and I suffered an attention deficit throughout most of my education.

I don’t know why, but one day a teaspoon appeared in my pocket and I decided to carry it with me everywhere. I thought that, even if I changed my clothes, the spoon needed to stay with me. I’ll always be remembered, in life and in death, as the boy with the spoon.