Artist selected by Barro, David at 2010

My name’s Nano4814. I’m from Vigo and I’ve been making art in Madrid for about four years. I started to paint regularly in the street in 1994 using traditional graffiti techniques, although over time I’ve developed a much more personal and iconographic style.


My work is very varied and draws on different creative fields, from design and illustration to street interventions and gallery work, which is what really lets me focus on more personal ideas, working with techniques like drawing, installation, sculpture and mural painting.


1. What made you choose art as a profession?
I don’t think this is a conscious decision, or at least it wasn’t in my case. I never considered any other option.

2. How would you define your work?
Colourist, symbolic, obscure, introspective, universal, ephemeral…

3. What subjects are you interested in?
Recently I’ve surprised myself by thinking about the passing of time or the fragility of life, although I’m not sure if this is reflected in my work. I’m interested in my relationship with my environment – everyday accidents and how these influence the act of creating.

4. What resources – formal or otherwise – do you use in your work?
My academic qualification says I’m a sculptor, but I think this is a limited and obsolete description of what I do. I like playing with lots of different techniques, painting, drawing, working with spaces, murals, installations, animation… I’m interested in the world of graphic design, which I also use in my pieces.

5. What relationship does your work have with reality? What are your raw materials?
I’d say my work is a product of the reality where I live, synthesised through a subjective filter. It’s not literal work, but there are explicit references to my own personal reality.

6. What, according to you, is the point of art?
In my case it’s a form of escape and a tool for assimilating my own life experience. It helps me keep a balance with what’s around me and answer questions I ask myself.

7. How do you hope the public will receive your work? What audience are you aiming at?
I’m not aiming at any audience in particular and I don’t expect them to react in any preconceived way. What I do want is a reaction, regardless of whether it’s positive or negative.

8. What qualifications have you got? What do you value most from your time in education?
I graduated in sculpture from the University of Vigo. What I value most from my time in academic education is the contact with fellow students and the dialogue then and after leaving university.

9. How would you define your current professional situation? And in the future?
I feel privileged to be able to spend my time creating things and making enough money to get by on. In the future I just want to be able to carry on doing this for ever. I’d like to be able to focus more and more on personal work rather than having to do design or illustration or similar work for other people, although luckily at the moment I’ve got total creative freedom here as well.

10. Many artists say it’s difficult to make a living from their work; how do economic considerations affect you when it comes to work?
Do you think this has a bearing on your work? It has a bearing in that the amount of money you have affects which materials you choose. In addition, having to do commissions leaves me less time for my own projects.

11. What do you look for or expect from your relationship with promoters and curators? What advantages and difficulties have you found with these relationships?
Until now, what little experience I’ve had with promoters and curators has been very positive. The only difficulties have been related more to tight budgets than personal relationships. I hope to be able to get involved in more institutional projects, with museums and creative spaces where I can experiment freely without the pressure of the art market.

12. What do you think sets the arts scene in Madrid apart from elsewhere? What would you say are its pluses and minuses?
I don’t really know what sets it apart from other cities, but my experience here has been very positive. I’m surrounded by people doing creative things in many different fields (music, audiovisual, fashion, graphic design, art…) and there’s a really stimulating feeling of collaboration and dialogue, without any competitiveness or negativity. One thing that’s missing is a physical centre with public studios for working and studying – rooms where you could present a project or put on a screening in an accessible and dynamic way. A space for creating contacts between artists, curators, critics and the public without red tape getting in the way. There should also be more support for alternative art spaces in the city.


Curriculum vitae

Vigo, 1978.
Vive y trabaja en/Lives and works in: Madrid.


Formación Académica/Education
Licenciado en Bellas Artes, Especialidad de escultura, Universidad de Vigo, Pontevedra.

Escultura, moldes y vaciado, programa DALI, Saint Martins School of Arts and Design, London.
Curso de Serigrafía Avanzada, London College of Printing, LCP, London.

Diseño Gráfico y publicitario, TS2K, London.

Exposiciones Individuales/Solo Exhibitions
El Fin Del Principio, Galería Adhoc, Vigo.

Nano4814, Sala Calexón de Núñez, Galería Adhoc, Vigo.

Exposiciones Colectivas/Group Exhibitions
Los niños terribles, Fast Gallery, Madrid.

Street Art Walking Tour, Tate Modern, London.
Nomadaz-A mediterranean Art Connection, Scion Installation Space, Los Angeles.

Planet Prozess, Artitude, Berlin.
Bestial, Iguapop Gallery, Barcelona.

Bienal de Pintura Ciudad de Zamora, Colegio Universitario, Zamora.

Rendez Vous Lavapiés, Cruce, Madrid.

Urbanitas, Museo de Arte Contemporánea de Vigo, MARCO, Vigo.


Urban Edge Show, Espazio P4, Milano.

FEM III, Festival Edición Madrid de Nuevos Creadores, Madrid.

Co-comisario, Subaquatica, Madrid/Co-curator, Subaquatica, Madrid.
Miembro del colectivo artístico El Equipo Plástico junto con Nuria Mora, Eltono y Sixe/Part of El Equipo Plástico artistic group, together with Eltono y Sixe.
Miembro del colectivo Sintevision junto a Alone y Espaun256/Part of Sintevision group together with Alone and Espaun256.

Montaña Sagrada, Sala Nasti, Madrid.

Telepathe, The Devil´s Trident (The Oscillations rmx.), videoclip, Madrid. (Realización y dirección artística/videomaking and artistic direction)
Instalación 55DSL Temporart Store, 55DSL, Milano. (Como el colectivo T.O.D.O.S./As T.O.D.O.S. group)

Pintura mural, Urban Art Festival, Ingenio, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Pintura mural, Festival de Música Avanzada y Arte Multimedia SONAR, Barcelona.

Becas y Premios/Awards and Grants
II Premio Auditorio de Galicia para xoves artistas, Auditorio de Galicia, Santiago de Compostela.

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