Artist selected by Torrente, Virginia at 2012
More artist content updated at 2016

Because he needs to be different and because his body demands it, he works basically with canonical, objectual media and focuses on technique and tradition. His musings include painting seen as a totem and its refractive, metaphysical and physiological powers.


His canvases and montages are covered with different subjects. Music, from punk rap Odd Future to Miles Davis and flamenco, TV series, above all The Wire, comics and life on the edge of town make up the bulk of his work.


1. What made you choose art as a profession?
I was good at drawing from an early age. Along the way as a teenager I discovered Bacon, Picasso, Velázquez…


2. How would you define your work?
Something like the symbiote Venom – a kind of elastic, gooey, muscly, contagious mutant life form. My way of working is very similar to the way most people receive information: unsettled, wild, fast, superficial, interrupted, manipulated. That’s kind of how I’d define my painting.


3. What subjects are you interested in?
Life on the edge of town, hand games, Egypt, failure, The Wire, gifted cartoonists, music, from Odd Future to Paco de Lucía, sex, comics, the history of painting, archaeological remains, tangram, mythology, astrology, mysticism, the arcane, JJ Benítez… The landscape. Anarchism.


4. What resources – formal or otherwise – do you use in your work?
On the one hand, my resources are very rudimentary: paper, felt-tip pens, sprays, stuff from the street. On the other hand, I also use oils, which means mastering techniques and tradition. The idea is to subvert this and piss someone off.


5. What relationship does your work have with reality? What are your raw materials?
Things that happen in real life affect me. There’s a simple, natural and always genuine link to my work.
The way I see it, painting is all about reaching a higher state, crossing the threshold and touching a nerve with irrational things I sometimes understand and master and sometimes don’t – that’s my raw material.


6. What, according to you, is the point of art?
To be amazed.


7. How do you hope the public will receive your work? What audience are you aiming at?
I don’t have or want any social responsibility. I’m not aiming at anyone in particular.


8. What qualifications have you got? What do you value most from your time in education?
I graduated in fine art from the Universidad Complutense in Madrid, but what I value most is what I learnt locally, communicating and sharing discoveries with other painters, and constant failure in my studio.


9. How would you define your current professional situation? And in the future?
I’m in a really good situation at the moment. In the future I hope to continue exhibiting better and better work and beef up my life project as a painter.


10. Many artists say it’s difficult to make a living from their work; how do economic considerations affect you when it comes to work? Do you think this has a bearing on your work?
Well, they knew what they were getting into. There are already plenty of very good professional artists. I can’t complain. I’ll always feel very privileged as long as I can spend my time painting as I do now.


11. What do you look for or expect from your relationship with promoters and curators? What advantages and difficulties have you found with these relationships?
I try to connect and relate my work with meaningful exhibition projects.


I’ve only ever found advantages, never difficulties.


12. What do you think sets the arts scene in Madrid apart from elsewhere? What would you say are its pluses and minuses?
To be honest, I don’t really like Madrid. Its arts scene is repressed, trampled.


This city has a repulsive political class and an ecologically unsustainable model in the deepest sense of the term. It’s disgusting to live here; it’s not bad for creating.

Curriculum vitae

Madrid, 1985
Vive y trabaja en/Lives and works in Getafe.


Formación Académica/Education
Taller con/Workshop with Fernando Mastretta, El instante de la creación, UIMP, Santander.


Licenciado en Bellas Artes, Universidad Complutense de Madrid.


Taller con/Workshop with Juliao Sarmento, Cátedra Juan Gris, Universidad Complutense Madrid.


Taller con/Workshop with Alberto Datas, Universidad Complutense Madrid.


Exposiciones individuales/Solo Exhibitions
Detroit, Galería Ponce+Robles, Madrid

Mighty Buckaroo, Galería Javier Silva, Madrid.
Slight Flow, Galería José Robles, Madrid.


Exposiciones Colectivas/Group Exhibitions
XXIII Circuitos Artes Plásticas, Sala de Arte Joven de la Comunidad de Madrid*

¡A Vueltas con la Maldita Pintura! Museo Colecciones I.C.O. Madrid.*


Intransit, Centro de Arte Complutense, Madrid.


Pintura en París, Colegio de España en París.*


* Cat. Exp.


Obra en Museos y Colecciones/Works in Museums and Collections
Fundación I.C.O. Madrid.
Colegio de España en París.
Universidad Complutense Madrid.
Fundacion DEARTE.
Colecciones privadas/Private collections: London, Berlin, Colombia, Paris.


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