Lilli Hartmann

Artist selected by Torrente, Virginia at 2010

When you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do, is stop digging; says an old cowboy proverb. Nevertheless, another possibility is, to keep on shoveling, the light at the end of the tunnel always fixed in ones head.

Making work is both. But the moments of true delight are, when you are able to tell the hole from the tunnel.


1. What made you choose art as a profession? 
I didn’t decide it, it happened bit by bit. 

2. How would you define your work? 
Someone else but me might be able to give an answer to that but basically I am trying not to get bored. 

3. What subjects are you interested in? 
The themes all human beings struggle with: Love. Death. Who am I? What can I believe? What makes sense? Is there a truth? And all the emotions that get in the way of it. 

4. What resources – formal or otherwise – do you use in your work? 
The simplest answer to this would be stories, in whatever shape, look, sound and tempo I come across them. 

5. What relationship does your work have with reality? What are your raw materials? 
All and nothing. 

Crude drawings, libraries of googled and found images as well as short texts I write in moments of inspiration.

6. What, according to you, is the point of art? 
When dogs are hungry they want a bone, when they are satisfied they still want a bone. When humans are hungry they want a bone but when their hunger is satisfied they need to fill another hunger that cannot be satisfied by bones. 

7. How do you hope the public will receive your work? What audience are you aiming at? 
The best case would be that my work does the same that happens to me when I see work I like, to cause inspiration and the desire to create. Otherwise I am hoping to make people laugh. Anyone who is interested. 

8. What qualifications have you got? 
Academically speaking I have finished a Bachelor and a Master degree in London. What has been the best part of it, was getting to know people who made me think. 

9. How would you define your current professional situation? And in the future? 
Jumping up and down on one leg touching the moon and the ground once in a while (continued in question10)… 

10. Many artists say it’s difficult to make a living from their work; how do economic considerations affect you when it comes to work? Do you think this has a bearing on your work? 
….whilst steadily trying to keep my head out of the water. 

11. What do you look for or expect from your relationship with promoters and curators? What advantages and difficulties have you found with these relationships? 
An interesting dialogue as well as the possibility of sharing information with each other. 

12. What do you think sets the arts scene in Madrid apart from elsewhere? What would you say are its pluses and minuses? 
It is predominantly Spanish and most people know each other.


Curriculum vitae

Lilli Hartmann
Rosenheim, Deutschland, 1976. 
Vive y trabaja en/Lives and works in: Madrid. 

Formación Académica/Education 
2001 - 2003

MA, Royal College of Art, London. 

1998 - 2001

Chelsea College of Art, BaHons, London. 

Exposiciones Individuales (Selección)/Selected Solo Exhibitions 

What Would I Do Without You?, Impromptu Gallery, Oslo. 


Finderlohn, Immanuelkirchstr 10, Berlin. 

Loving A Dog, Starstyling Shop, Berlin. 

Exposiciones Colectivas (Selección)/Selected Group Exhibitions


El papel del artista, Doméstico´08, Madrid.

Le troisième paradis, Cité Internationale Universitaire, Paris. 


Kinedramatic, Chelsea College of Art, London.

Loop Festival, VideoAlboom’07, Galeria H20 (Barcelona), Brighton.
Satellite Works, Galerie l'oeil de poisson, Québec. 


Making Love To My Ego, Castlefield Gallery, Manchester.

Schnipp Scnnapp, Brix, Berlin.
Saloon, Third Drawer Down Gallery, Victoria, Australia.

Domestic Cocoon Situation, Murmansk Art Museum, Murmansk, Rusia. 


Abajo corriente, Morcilla Gallery, Barcelona. Performances 


Dig a hole for yourself and stay there…, Independent Liverpool Biennial, Liverpool. 

Programas de vídeo/Film Festivals and Screenings

Oh my God, (in collaboration with Ginferno), Nocturama Festival Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo, CAAC, Sevilla.

Gaze, The Bun In The Oven, Dublin International Film Festival, Dublin.

A Samurai In My Bathroom..., London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, British Film Institute Film Festival, London. 


Cinema Blast, Festival Video Performativo, Bologna.
Festival Espontani, Centre d’Art Santa Mònica, Barcelona. 


Flaggfabrikken, Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen. 


Filmstuben 2, Tiroler Alpenstadl, Berlin. 


Filmstuben 1, Lenau Stuben, Berlin. 


Pilot 3, archivo vivo, Tokyo Art Fair, Tokyo. 


Pilot 3, archivo vivo, Bienniale di Venezia, Fondazione Bevilacqua, Venezia. 

De La Villa, Rocío, "El papel de doméstico", Madrid, El Cultural, El Mundo, 6/XI/2008. 
Ortega Dolz, Patricia, "En el 27 de Calatrava", Madrid, El País, 1/XI/2008. 
Reynolds, Alex, "Pilot 3", 2007.
Kavass, Veronica, "A dream come true",, Issue 2, 2007. 
Hartmann, Lilli, "Robot", Dong Magazin, Issue 1, 2006. 

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