Iván Pérez

Artist selected by Torrente, Virginia at 2010

Flicking through one of those hefty books that boast the Best Up-and-Coming Artists of the Moment, I realise that all artist’s statements are simply vague approximations that lead readers’ interpretations off to places the work is unable to define for itself. I also see works that wither away to nothing in explanations and curators who conjure up justifications to concoct quick, easy-to-swallow exhibitions.


An artist’s statement will never be a manifesto, and although a manifesto might not be necessary, I acknowledge a happy beauty in the lack of style. I think that we’ve always dealt with the same subjects and that art is able to unleash the great questions hiding behind explanations.


1. What made you choose art as a profession?
It’s in my blood.

2. What subjects are you interested in?
Mainly those that affect human beings.

3. What relationship does your work have with reality?
I aim for my work to be as real as possible.

What are your raw materials?
Mainly matter and energy.

4. What, according to you, is the point of art?
To unleash the questions hidden beneath the answers.

5. How do you hope the public will receive your work? What audience are you aiming at?
I’m aiming at the public in general.

6. What qualifications have you got?

7. Many artists say it’s difficult to make a living from their work; how do economic considerations affect you when it comes to work?Do you think this has a bearing on your work?
It’s not only this; the weather plays a fairly important part as well.

8. What do you look for or expect from your relationship with promoters and curators? What advantages and difficulties have you found with these relationships?
The forces of order oversee the safety of all of us.

9. What do you think sets the arts scene in Madrid apart from elsewhere? What would you say are its pluses and minuses?
The Madrid scene is…shall we say…incomparable. There’s room for improvement. I think I’ve said enough.

Curriculum vitae

Iván Pérez
Asturias, 1973.
Vive y trabaja entre/Lives and works between: Madrid y Mallorca.

Formación Académica/Education
Licenciatura en Bellas Artes y D.E.A., Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha.
AKI Art School, Enschede, Nederland.
International Centre of Photography, New York.

Exposiciones Individuales (Selección)/Selected Solo Exhibitions

Espai Zer01, Olot, Girona.
Galería JM, Málaga.


Paisajes para un Animal Muerto, Festival PhotoEspaña, Madrid.


Warshow, Van De Nieuwe Dingen Art Space, Tilburg, Nederland.


Goliath Visual Space Gallery, New York.


Galería Ferrán Cano, Barcelona.


Consideraciones al Respecto, Sala Metrónom, Barcelona.


Galería Valle Quintana, Madrid.


Sunset line, Darkroom Gallery, ICP, New York.

Fotos, Galería Doble Espacio, Madrid.

Exposiciones Colectivas (Selección)/Selected Group Exhibitions

Nuevas adquisiciones, Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Málaga.

Colección CAB. (I+E) fotografía y vídeo, Festival PhotoEspaña, Madrid.


VideoSpain, Cuenca.
Scope Art Fair, Galería ATM (Tarragona), Miami.
Art Lisboa, Galería Fruela (Madrid), Lisboa.


Ahhhhhh, Centro Galego de Arte Contemporánea, CGAC, Santiago de Compostela.


STRIP:Images in Line, Kunsthaus Baselland, Muttenz, Deutschland.


Kustera Tilton Gallery, New York.

International Studio & Curatorial Program, ISCP, New York.


Domestico 03, Madrid.


Dieciocho, Muestra de Arte Joven, InJuve, Círculo de Bellas Artes, Madrid.


Pasen y vean, Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona, CCCB, Barcelona.

Programas de vídeo/Film Festivals and Screenings

Match Box (la imagen en tránsito), 46 Festival Internacional de Cine de Gijón.


Poder Intimo, Centro Galego de Arte Contemporánea, CGAC, Santiago de Compostela.


Adding up, video nuit Pschiit contemporary art, Sous station Lebon, Nice.


Teorías de la resistencia, La Casa Encendida, Madrid.


25 Horas, Muestra Internacional de Videoarte de Barcelona.


Habitat Futura, Palacio de Saldaña, Madrid.

Becas y Premios/Awards and Grants

Premio Ciudad de Palma. (Finalista)


Premio ABC de pintura y fotografía. (Mención de honor)


Beca Alnorte 06, Gijón.


Beca Residencia, Van de Niewe Dingen Gueststudio, Tilburg, Nederland.


International Studio & Curatorial Program, ISCP, New York, Beca InJuve, Ministerio de Trabajo y Asuntos Sociales.


XVIII Muestra de Arte Joven, InJuve, Madrid.


Certamen de Fotografía, InJuve. (2º premio) Premio L´Oreal, XVII Edición. (Finalista) Internacional Center of Photography, New York, Beca Cajastur.

Obra en Museos y Colecciones/Works in Museum and Collections
Centro de Arte Contemporáneo del Ayuntamiento de Málaga, CAC, Málaga.

Centro de Arte Caja de Burgos, CAB, Burgos.

Colección Rafael Tous.

Universidad de Castilla la Mancha.

InJuve, Instituto de la Juventud.

Ayuntamiento de Javea, Alicante.

Diputación Provincial de Cuenca.

Fundación Antonio Pérez, Madrid.

Colección de Paradores Nacionales.

Ayuntamiento de Valdepeñas, Jaén.

Colección Talens España.

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