Cristina Busto

Artist originally selected by Vidal, Roberto at 2011
This is a 2016 content update.

It’s not easy to write a statement when we’re constantly changing opinion. What can I possibly say that remains solid, something you say that stays set in words? I even find it a bit scary. I can say that art is very interesting in its application to the practical aspects of life and it ought to expand its role in society beyond the art market.


A recurring theme in my work is the idea of travel as movement, movement as freedom. Images of travelling, the landscapes that flash past our eyes, different readings, thoughts, the ever-changing light that frames the trees against the sky and turns glass into mirrors.


At the moment I’m working with live video and I add shadows (amongst other techniques) as a direct projection. Like everyone else I guess, I’m always asking myself what the point of life is. There are a myriad of possible answers, from there is no point to the undeniable fact that we are creators of shadows, unless there is no light, and luckily the sun rises every day.